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US Arson Task Force Threat Assessment Guide for Houses of Worship

Threat Assessments

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The "Threat Assessment Guide for Houses of Worship" is a guide offering practical measures and strategies for church security teams to mitigate risks of arson,


A comprehensive "Threat Assessment Guide for Houses of Worship," which serves as a vital resource for church security teams. It covers a range of topics crucial for safeguarding places of worship, including:

  • Arson Prevention: Strategies to reduce the risk of arson, including environmental design and community involvement.

  • Accidental Fire Safety: Tips on preventing accidental fires through proper storage of combustible materials and regular maintenance of electrical and heating systems.

  • Bombing Prevention: Guidance on how to handle suspicious packages and bomb threats, and how to create a safety plan in case of such events.

  • Emergency Preparedness: Developing evacuation plans, the use of fire extinguishers, and conducting regular safety drills.

The guide includes checklists to assess the risk and vulnerability of facilities to fire and bombing incidents, and it encourages engagement with local law enforcement and fire prevention experts to further enhance safety measures.


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