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Sex Offender MOU and Attendance Form


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Download the Limited Attendance Form and Memorandum of Agreement for sex offenders attending church


Limited Attendance Form for Churches
This downloadable form is an essential tool for churches managing the attendance of registered sex offenders. It's designed to gather necessary information and establish clear guidelines for participation in church activities. The form ensures that individuals understand and commit to the church's safety protocols. It's an invaluable resource for maintaining a structured and safe environment for all churchgoers.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for Registered Sex Offenders in Churches
The MOA template is a crucial document for churches to formalize agreements with registered sex offenders who wish to attend services. It outlines specific guidelines and boundaries, including attendance monitoring, restricted areas, and communication protocols. This comprehensive agreement template is vital for churches to protect their congregation while providing a path for spiritual growth and community integration for registered offenders.


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