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Daily Team Checklist


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Maximize church security with our daily checklist: prayer, roll call, intel, positioning, equipment checks, sweeps, and more. Be prepared!


Ensure your church security team is fully prepared and alert with our comprehensive "Team Daily Checklist." This essential guide is designed to streamline your daily security operations, fostering a secure and peaceful environment for worship. The checklist includes:

  1. TEAM Prayer: Start your day with a unifying team prayer, setting a solemn and focused tone for the tasks ahead.

  2. Roll Call: Account for all team members to ensure full strength and readiness.

  3. Intel Updates: Stay informed of any potential threats or changes, such as personal disputes or service alterations, that may impact church security.

  4. Team Assignments: Clearly define each member's position and role for the day, ensuring effective coverage and response capabilities.

  5. Schedule Changes: Communicate any alterations in the team's schedule, maintaining adaptability and coordination.

  6. Weapons and Light Check: Verify the operational readiness of all security equipment, ensuring your team is equipped to respond if necessary.

  7. Radio Sync and Check: Ensure reliable communication among team members with a thorough check of radio equipment.

  8. Sanctuary Sweep: Proactively search for any IEDs or unusual items, maintaining a vigilant stance against potential threats.

  9. Children’s Area Security: Sweep the children's area, check for obstructions, and confirm lockdown codes, prioritizing the safety of young attendees.

  10. Parking Lot Patrol: Organize a rotation for parking lot surveillance, extending your security measures beyond the church walls.

  11. Lock-Up Procedure: Conclude your day with a systematic lock-up process, securing the premises.

This checklist is a vital tool for any church security team, ensuring every aspect of church safety is methodically addressed and monitored. Download it now to enhance the efficiency and vigilance of your security operations.


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